The Disability Channel offers employment programs for persons with disabilities to enhance their employment opportunities within the media industry. 
Those who take our programs are:
  • Better prepared for work within media industries 
  • Make connections to organizations who are hiring people with disabilities in meaningful work opportunities 
  • Focused on accessibility and gaining transferable skills such as social media, marketing, public speaking, podcasting, video and audio editing and presentation skills 
The Disability Channel’s employment programs produce successful employment results for individuals who graduate. The Disability channel is actively seeking participants and organizations who wish to hire individuals with disabilities in skilled media roles. 
A variety of program posters can be found below. 
Please contact us for more information.

The Disability Channel Employment Program Platform

‘Employment Program & TDC Applicant Quotes’

“This is the first organization which truly teaches me a tangible skill I can use in TV or podcasts.”

” I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the employment programs and have learned a wealth of media knowledge.”

“A platform built on kindness and successful stories.”

“Learning the Podcast world was something I was exposed to and loved! I cannot wait to start my own for the channel.”

“Thank you for making me feel very comfortable in such a wonderful working environment.”

“Such a unique and innovative platform combining employment programs and being able to showcase on television. Glad to a part of the team.”

“I have really enjoyed my experience at The Disability Channel and feel more confident in my journey moving forward.
I look forward to hopefully getting a job in the media world.”