By: Andrew Rooney

The Invictus Games was first started in 2014 by HRH The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry. The games celebrate and display the talent of each nation. The injured, sick and disabled athletes compete in 12 adaptive sports. These include archery, athletics, indoor rowing, power lifting, cycling, sitting volleyball, swimming, wheelchair basketball, tennis, rugby and golf.

The service men and woman coming from combat suffer life-changing injuries. They enjoy this athletic competition which helps to combat mental health and rehabilitate their strength emotionally and physically.

Included in the Toronto games where 539 competitors, 17 Nations and 8 Days of competition. Ukraine and Romania took part in their first ever games. In Toronto, many of the public embraced the Invictus spirit and volunteered. Fourteen Hundred and twenty-seven all gave their time and talents. Fourteen service dogs helped athletes perform at the competition.

The hours of competitions in Toronto reached 152 and the overall attendance was 75,000. Torontonians enjoyed watching the wounded warriors compete. The word Invictus means” unconquered “. The athletes of the games face great challenges in spite of not having their limbs or vision. They conquered their sporting events with endurance, and passion in their hearts and minds. They learned a greater understanding of their limitations, teamwork and the human spirit. The Invictus games remain popular with the public. They marvel at the athletes and applaud their efforts. The Games have reached as far as Australia. In 2020 Holland will host the “ Invictus” games and enjoy the inclusive atmosphere.        


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