By: Andrew Rooney

Autism is very much in News Headlines, parents are anxious that their young children get appropriate education & help. However, Adults with ASD must be given opportunities too.  Employment is very important and access to jobs needs to be available. Expansion of this must be given encouragement both to the individuals and to program providers. It is essential that both parties benefit.  

Adults on the Autism Spectrum have a greater role of unemployment than the general population only 14% of the Adults are full time and 6% part-time. That leaves a rate of 80% looking for work.   ASD adults face many barriers when job seeking. Social interaction, mental health and intellectual disorders.

1-2% of the Canadian Population is affected by A.S.D and approx. 135,000 Ontarians.  

Some ways for ASD  adults to achieve successful employment.     

  1. Candidate should list volunteer experience and include it on resume & social media profile.
  2.   Maintain a positive attitude.
  3. Request interview accommodation if necessary.
  4. Research companies that have diverse workplace policies.
  1. Network & Use a Job Developer
  2. Keep the employer informed on how both benefit e.g employment subsidies grants & supports.

Employers who hire ASD Adults often find that they have better attendance record, than regular colleagues and given the chance contribute positively to the workplace.    ASD adults need the support of society, they too can contribute to its well being. It’s a win-win outcome!