Everyone encounters all sorts of times in their lives, the good, the not so good, the bad and the worst. Its how you deal with what’s dealt to you that shapes you into yourself at the present moment. I’ve always been able to chose to see the positive side of the toughest of situations, I remember in school always hearing the line “Nisha you re always so happy”, I wasn’t always happy it was away for me to mask the feelings inside as I learnt to cope with the emotions that life’s challenges presented to me.

Think of making a pancake…in the beginning when you re making them for the first time, they don’t come out perfectly…the batter may not be fully cooked, it might be too dry, too salty, etc. but no matter what, you keep trying to make them till they are tasty and delicious. What do pancakes and life situations have in common…the flip. You need to flip that pancake for it to be fully cooked…and to cope somehow someway you have to make that inner flip.

One of the toughest moments that I had came in university. I became a part of a dance group and become friends with people who ran the group. I remember going to rehearsals and thought I had built a connection with some of the people. The dance group was going to go to London Ontario to perform, I got measured for my outfit….and then it happened, that phone call “Nisha are you sitting down”….”yes why?” and I don’t remember the exact wording but all I knew was I was not going to be part of that dance group anymore and those people were no longer my friends…. I never found out nor understood the exact reason…..was it because I danced differently, I looked different….all I knew was I was excluded and I was devastated…I had to face questions of “why aren’t you part of the group” ..it was challenging to again feel like I didn’t belong….How could I possibly flip this situation and try to understand that everything happens for a reason…..Fast forward to a few years ago to a dear family friends wedding, I got to be in a dance with my sister and couple of other close friends. It was such a blast to practice together, to dance together and most importantly feel comfortable with who I am, and the way I move….

Remember no matter what a flip and a flop can only make you stronger.