The Virtual Walk is an online fundraising campaign brought to you by The Disability Channel in association with Disability Dream & Do that takes the concept of a traditional walk or run one step further through our digital world. The walk generates funds for all participating corporations, companies and organizations as well as The Disability Channel’s (TDC) team. Seventy-five percent of the funds raised goes to the client and the other twenty-five percent goes to the Virtual Walk Campaign, which benefits the TDC’s employment programs. These walks are short and simple. Each lasts from five to ten minutes – all from the comfort of your home, office or other location of your choosing.

Take a walk to the great monuments of the city of Toronto on TDC’s virtual walk. Raising funds in a non-traditional way is not only fun, but highly educational. Each walk raises funds and educates the clients about the monuments in a fun and very non-traditional way. By taking only five to ten minutes out of one’s day to participate in this walk, the act of giving feeds the cycle of reciprocity by aiding in the clients fundraising initiatives, developing a sense of community within the city and around the world while aiding in the employment of Toronto’s citizens. The campaign is encompassed in a thirty day window.

Social media is a powerful tool. Through it people can stay connected to their friends, family and acquaintances. By incorporating this tool, TDC will show a client how social media sites can make it more than possible within an hour to raise funds for their clients. The Disability Channel (TDC) will be there every step of the way providing support and experience.

For all clients who join the Virtual Walk, the TDC will provide promotions, a guest appearance on TDC, TV presentations created on day one and day thirty of the journey on the TDC channel. TDC is ready and willing to help maximize a client’s fundraising potential.

Join The Virtual Walk Today To Support A Cause And Make A Difference Within The Disability Community


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