Over the years The Disability Channel (TDC) has met with, worked with and has had the honour and privilege to highlight the achievements of some truly remarkable people. The talents and abilities of those who society has labelled as disabled has always been acknowledged and celebrated by TDC. Despite best efforts, those acknowledgements have not been on a stage grand enough for the whole world to see – until now. As of this Monday January 29th, TDC will be doing live coverage on the NFL’s Super Bowl and will highlight the highly anticipated celebrity Wounded Warriors game featuring Dave Stevens on Wednesday January 31st. NFL’s living legends Tyrone Poole, Dave Stevens, Doug Cornfield and Wally Langfellow (sports reporter), alongside TDC’s co-founder Jay Stoyan will be covering the festivities and events and conducting interviews from January 29th until February 4th.

The Disability Channel’s original show Sidelines With Stoyan (SWS) – a show that covers the highlights and lowlights of major sporting events with Jay Stoyan will go live during this Super Bowl Week long coverage. For more information regarding showtimes please visit TDC’s website.

The Disability Channel is proud to announce that they will be launching their television station on Roku TV for Monday January 29th. Just in time for the fans to have more access to all of TDC’s great coverage during this momentous event. For the fans who are not subscribers to Roku TV, TDC has a Youtube Channel, and they will be streaming live and uploading video highlights of interviews and memorable moments from the Super Bowl.

For anyone who wants to get in on the action but doesn’t have the time or ability to tap into any of the previously mentioned media outlets, TDC has expanded its social media platforms and will be keeping its followers up-to-date on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Look for The Disability Channel for all social media platforms.