Toronto, 601 Christie Street, Oct 20th, 2017, The Virtual Walk for Life is a new, unique and innovative way for groups, organizations, and schools and sports teams to approach fundraising and take it to a new level. It makes the concept of the traditional walk or run one step further and in doing so enables you to do MORE! This exciting new idea of raising funds is not only FUN but also very EDUCATIONAL at the same time allowing family, friends and associates from around the world to join you in helping your cause and showing your hometown, city or village to people from around the globe.

Our Virtual Walk makes raising funds and canvassing simple as you never leave your living room. With today’s social media platforms everyone has a following from as little as 50 friends up to many thousands. By incorporating just your current family, friends and associates, we will show you how it is possible for only one hour to reach an incredible amount for your cause.

There will be no issues about rain delays, the cold weather or street closings as participants virtually walk from the comfort of their own homes. The Virtual Walk however in no way discourages people from physically walking as it has been proven en over and over again that daily walking is one of the significant benefits to your overall health.

Please click on “Why Walk” and read about why walking is one of the most important things you can do. Our Virtual Walk simply adds to your physical walk and enables you to reach out to many more people.One thing we know for sure is that it takes a lot of planning to produce a physical walk. It is not uncommon for only fifty cents of every dollar raised at a walkathon event to reach the cause it set out to benefit. While no two walks are the same and some make more than others here are some of the costs you may incur when staging an event and the cost percentages associated with it.

Introducing Virtual Walk spokesperson Tyrone Poole and the ‘Tyrone Poole 38 Foundation’,

Tyrone played 14 years in the National Football League and is a 2 – time Super Bowl Champion: Super Bowl XXXVlll (38) and Super Bowl XXXlX (39).  Tyrone is the Author of Ultimate Success In The Game Of Lifeand the inventor of the “T38 Multi-Training Sled”.  He believes that All things are possible with God”.

Welcome to The Disability Channel, an international leader in the world of disability/ability issues and solutions. Through due diligence and with many years of experience within the television and advocacy world, TDC has found today’s Canadian and global market desperately needs original programming for and by persons with disabilities to be included on the TV programming schedule. TDC, with the proper components in place, including disability employment programs courtesy our partner OWLware. We are prepared to become the leading force on both the domestic and international stages for persons with disabilities and the workforce.