We’ve moved!

Toronto ON, October 20th, 2017. We have a new office space! We are now at 601 Christie Street Toronto, ON in the Artscape Wychwood Barns building. It is apart of a community cultural hub which opened in 2008 where arts and culture are majorly present. It is a multi-faceted complex invite living and work spaces that offer various programs and facilities to help bring communities together and to transform them. It is also known to be accommodating people with disabilities and they offer a variety of facilities for them.

With the collaboration of Owlware (a social service agency), The Disability Channel, Beau Box, The Plaid Zebra and Evoke Media, we are excited to bring programs for people who are on ODSP and OW (Ontario Works). Our services, programs and facilities are open to anyone and have the utmost respect for people with disabilities.

Our digital media services cover things like social management, video editing and production and website creation. With the social media services, Evoke Media strive to help create consistency in the business presence and to develop a simple automated structure for original content that is curated for you. While having a partnership with Evoke Media it will help your brand’s recognition. Our company works to help get more response from your audience, at any time and will help build onto it. Collaborating is important to us and we use it as a tool to find other passionate companies who are also looking to make an impact.

Evoke Media helps with your website creation and to get it going. The next level is reached with us. Using search engine optimization (SEO) and designing websites are at the core of our specialities. With using optimization to our advantage it brings it directly to clients businesses. With Evoke Media’s years of knowledge in this area, you can expect to benefit greatly from it and equip your site to make it outstanding and attract more business. Promotional material is also something that we offer at Evoke Media.

If you need a promotional video or campaign management, we have a skilled team to be able to do it and get it done for you. The company specializes in advancing clients brands by furthering their presence and connecting along with influencing their audience.

We are excited and happy to be apart of such a vibrant community and place that offers amazing opportunities for artists and like-minded businesses looking to make a difference. We are looking forward to the future and what it will bring to our company and will look out for any amazing opportunities that will help us and others strive further.