A fantastic team up!

Toronto, ON, What is The Disability Channel exactly? What kind of services does it offer? By definition, The Disability Channel is an internet based “IP” television channel that supports, educates, promotes and employs persons with mental and physical disabilities. Here at The Disability Channel (TDC), we have become an information and awareness hub for the community.

The Disability Channel is the only television channel which is entirely inclusive to all categories of individuals. This includes content, hosts, actors, and staff working behind the scenes. We accept any and all walks of life for the opportunity to be apart of something great. We also are especially grateful for the support, kindness, and involvement from those with and without disabilities that help our channel succeed and to grow further.

What we do and offer as a corporation is:

Bridging the gaps of society so that there is equality between persons with disabilities and non.

  • To be able to have accessible information, produce television and online content that can reach everyone.
  • To employ, educate and support persons with disabilities while showcasing their abilities.
  • Providing a professional and supportive environment to increase success in the workplace and life.
  • Develop and mentor business relationships and bring communities together. Maintain our objectives for persons with disabilities through employment, entertainment, arts and life around the world.

If you would like to see and read more about The Disability Channel, please visit our website at www.thedisabilitychannel.ca

What our partner from the social service agency, OWLware Ltd. offers is the “Abilities” Digital Mentoring Program which includes:

  • Industry mentors teaching participates practical work experience within digital publications to produce broadcast content
  • Training in social media, digital publishing, and production

Or the “Abilities Champion” Mentor Program:

  • Become a mentor to an intern

Package A: Includes your organisation’s logo, production credit and your company as a featured guest on “Socially Served” or a disability Channel show of your choosing. Your company logo on our outreach materials, flyers, and brochures in addition to your logo on The Disability Channel website banner for one month

Package B: Includes the items described in Package A with the addition of the production of a one-minute promotional commercial in video scribe of your company’s branded message. This can be used as a Facebook video and inserted between The disAbility Channels various shows. Your logo inserted on all of our press releases and media materials and included in our outreach events such as our annual “Youth Empowerment Day”, “I Am“ Abilities Forum and our “Formal” Fundraising event.

Package C: Includes all items listed from both Packages A & B with the addition of providing a customised in-house AODA accessibility workshop for your management team, social media implementation coordinated by our ‘abilities’ group to promote upcoming campaigns and events.

Your organisation assisting our production team to be able to produce your own personalised show on The disability Channel with a follow-up Podcast interview broadcasted from our studios. The opportunity to produce your show in either English, French or Spanish. Broadcast of your show through our Comcast US Network and affiliate stations. Branding and promotion of your organisation at our outreach events and affiliated websites. Networking opportunities, e-Learning resources and re-entry work experience in digital media in collaboration with our social service agency OWLware Ltd.

For more information visit: www.thedisabilitychannel.ca