Hi, my name is Kiran Shah, I am 1.26m tall perfectly formed. You might have recognized me from the films like “Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars Return of the Jedi, Legend, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and The Hobbit trilogy.
I’m here to let you know how excited and thrilled I am about the Disability Network and the mission they are on – to support, promote, employ & and be an information hub for persons with disabilities.
For me personally, this means that there will be an outlet for disable people to voice concerns about politics, arts and so on. On the plus side we will be able to develop our own dramas, features, soaps etc, where we can show case our personality our life in everyday world with us being no different then others through the characters we can portray.  
I believe this will show the world that we are no different to them and we can do what able body can do.’
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Welcome to your TDC family, we’ve been waiting for you and we are so glad you have joined us!  Honestly where have you been, we have looked every where!! We are starting a fresh new Blog Roll (the new sushi!) and what a privilege it is to be with you.

Please check out our guidelines and suggestions below to help get you tuned in. We are super pumped and super grateful you are here.

TDC community…kicking some awareness butt while spreading the love for each other!! Submit whatcha got to this fine fellow (there’s a song!), jay at thedisabilitychannel.ca

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Suggested guidelines for your sushi!(Blog)

1. Watch your language please.
2. Let us in on your source if you are stating a fact(if possible).
3. Protect the persons, places, or things involved…consider a fictitious name etc.(mine is Mrs. Panda)
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