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Don Cherry

“Hey folks, I’m here to endorse the disability network. They are great people. They’re people that get behind the employed. They support and they really really get behind people with disabilities, so come on, let’s throw our support behind a great cause; the disability network.” – Don Cherry

Ronnie Hawkins

“Hi folks, I’m Ronnie Hawkins, please support The Disability Channel.” – Ronnie Hawkins

Silvio Simone – Jay Stoyan – Chris Strei

Join The Virtual Walk For

Disability Dream & Do

Donate $10 to Disability Dream & Do  and help disabled children experience the joy of sports!  You’ll take a virtual walk (about 5-10 minutes) through Minneapolis-St.Paul and visit the city’s most popular attractions- all from the comfort of your computer or mobile device.  Read our latest blog for more information, or start your walk here!