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Jay Stoyan
TDC Founder

Jay Stoyan grew up in Toronto with a disability “Familial Mediterranean Fever”, an incurable illness which he continues to deal with to this day. Growing up in Scarborough and becoming a published author, documented his experiences in his novel, “Flanagan’s”. A tale of the streets. He has managed a popular night club in Toronto’s entertainment district, has been a retail store owner in the ‘FCP’ underground concourse that exists below the downtown streets, is a dedicated dad to his beautiful daughter and highly ranked swimmer and he enjoys martial arts. He has always been, first and foremost, a die hard sports fan, loyal to Toronto’s teams throughout the struggles. He has appeared many times as a guest on Micheal Landsberg’s “Off The Record” sports show and CFRB 1010 with Spider Jones..

This led Jay to develop his own Online talk Show and TV Show. Hosting the ‘Toronto Jay Variety Show’. His one hour On line show commenced in 2007 to 2011 on “” – moving onto Rogers TV, Wayne Gretzky’s Toronto and FOX WUTV ’29’.

Jay has interviewed such Stars as OPRAH, Jeff Bridges, Michael Moore, Don Cherry, Mike Ditka, Warren Moon, Darrly Sittler, LT. Gov. David Onley, The Mayor Rob Ford, Ronnie Hawkins, Mark Messier, Frank Sinatra Jr., boxing great George Chuvalo and many more. From sports, news, music to entertainment, Jay gets the skinny and brings out the best of his guest with interesting and entertaining interviews and great performances.

Jay really enjoys getting feedback from viewers, and has a great feel for getting what viewers want to see on to the screen.

You can find Jay today relishing his new role and the future of TDC!



Spero Bassil

Winner of CMHC “Greenest House in Canada” a few years ago. Mr. Bassil is a committed environmentalist and proud builder of green homes for Canada’s future. Currently, Mr Bassil is working on a documentary about a life of Crime in Toronto. He is an avid musician playing venues throughout the GTA and enjoys painting.


Danny Francoeur
Financial Advisor

Danny Francoeur has over 18 years of professional experience in Financial and business community has recently joined Bassett Financial as Senior Vice-President of Business Development.

Danny began his career in 1994 at Midland Walwyn, as Manager of Registered products for the Quebec and the Atlantic regions. In 1997, Danny joined Trimark Investment Management for a period of 4 years. During his stay, he managed the bilingual client services and the bilingual Dealer Taxation areas.

In 2001, Danny joined B2B Trust as a Business Analyst. Working with the Corporate Ombudsman, he analyzed escalated trade and corporate/client issues with an unbiased eye.

In 2001, Danny joined Clarington Investments as head of Dealer Relations for mutual funds and later added segregated fund line-up of Industrial Alliance.

He managed all key relationships through the banking, insurance and investment dealer channels and helped bring the Leveraged Loan Program from $90 million to just over a $1 billion. Danny was instrumental in bringing over 100 mutual and segregated funds to the market, which brought in over $6 billion in sales to the company.


 Nelson Peixoto (Productions)

Nelson brings over ten years of major motion picture production experience to our diverse skill sets at TDC. As a certified tradesman, Nelson embraces the ‘team work’ philosophy of getting things done.

In his everyday life, he has the pleasure of being a friend and caregiver to his partner’s intellectually challenged son. This experience has opened up the doors to his understanding and realization of the challenges and obstacles families are confronted with on a daily basis.

In teaming with TDC, Nelson’s goal is to provide content that is informative, insightful, and inspirational.