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The Disability Channel Newsletter

The Disability Channel Newsletter

Rick Hansen was on NEWSHOUR with Jay Stoyan! Rick Hansen was on NewsHour with Jay Stoyan last Friday December 16! We are thankful to Mr. Hansen for taking time to be interviewed!

Here is Mr. Hansen’s bio: “Rick Hansen is CEO of the Rick Hansen Foundation and a passionate advocate for people with disabilities in Canada and around the world. As well as being a celebrated Paralympic athlete, Rick is best known as the “Man In Motion,” for his epic two-year wheelchair trip around the world to prove the potential of people with disabilities.

Since the Man In Motion World Tour, Rick has dedicated his life to creating a world that is accessible and inclusive for all by removing barriers for people with disabilities. Rick and his team at the Foundation are working hard to change attitudes, create accessible spaces and liberate the amazing potential of people with disabilities.” Quote from the Rick Hansen

Foundation: http://www.rickhansen.com/

YouTube link: Rick Hansen TDC youtube

Facebook link: The-Jay-Stoyan-Newshour

TDC Website: http://www.thedisabilitychannel.ca/

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The Disability Channel Newsletter

September 17, 2016

(Toronto, Ontario) The Disability Channel & OWLWARE Initiative.

The Disability Channel & OWLWARE are collaborating for the betterment of society, and Ontario's disability community, to support employment.

Together, the two entities have aligned their unique resources in order to push forward the vision of employing persons with disabilities on  'TDC' television.  The four step plan for persons with disabilities includes a recruitment program, specific training for each individual, and a job placement (part - time or full - time) in TV. Individuals with disabilities will receive training by OWLWARE, and a specific paid job (4 - 6 weeks) at The Disability Channel. The Disability Channel has a range of jobs including: Television Talk Show Hosts, Writers, Producers, Editors, Public Relations, HR, and many more. ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) refers their clients to our program, clients are then trained, and placed into a TDC position.





Owlware Ltd. has enjoyed over 10 years of successfully matching people facing barriers to the right job. 


Our management team has extensive experience in computer based training, expertise working with individuals with disabilities, and various social service organizations specializing with disability issues. 


Owlware is an active service provider for Ontario Disability Support Program (under Ministry of Children and Family Services and Toronto Social Services) and WSIB

Website: http://www.owlware.com

The Disability Channel (TDC)

TDC is the world's only inclusive channel by and for persons with disabilities - showcasing abilities through original content. Join our hosts on ROKU TV by getting a free subscription. You will get information, education, inspiration, kindness, and entertainment value by people who will continue to amaze you! The Disability Channel is TV with a message - by and for persons with disabilities - showcasing abilities.

Website: http://www.thedisabilitychannel.ca/

TDC founder:  Jay Stoyan: 647.339.6847

Contact us: TDC Contact Us



TDC and Owlware.

The Ontario Personal Support Worker Association – www.opswa.com – 1.866.931.0641 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Cambridge (September 20, 2016) The Ontario Personal Support Worker Association is Proud to announce the launch of their new Talk show on the Disability Channel “ Healthtalk Matters”. HealthTalk Matters will pinpoint issues in Ontario’s Healthcare System – while focusing on Frontline Healthcare. The show will be hosted by President of OPSWA Miranda Ferrier, who has been featured on CTV W5 as their Guest Expert on Frontline Care as well as CBC Radio One, The Toronto Star,CTV National News and City News.Ms. Ferrier will be joined by her Co-host and Vice President of OPSWA Kathleen Scott, who worked in Complex Palliative Care and Hospice care as a Personal Support Worker for 15 years. HealthTalk Matters will be a filmed twice a month with the Disability Channel.

Disability Channel, an international leader in the world of disability issues and solutions. Through due diligence and with over 50 years experience within the television and disability sectors, TDC has found today's market desperately needing original programming for and/or by persons with disabilities to be included on the TV. TDC, with the proper components in place, has become that leading force on both the domestic and international stages for persons with disabilities. Healthtalk Matters will broadcast on The Disability Channel's multiple media platforms on September 23rd at 3pm . You can choose to watch it live' on www.thedisabilitychannel.ca (LIVE TV) tab, or on our Youtube channel and our 'ROKU TV' dial. Viewers can also find the show links on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

The Ontario Personal Support Worker Association is the only professional association of its kind in North America representing over 21,000 PSWs in Ontario. OPSWA has become the voice for Personal Support Workers across Ontario over the years striving for better standards and quality of care for societies most vulnerable.

For Further information on the Ontario Personal Support Worker Association or to arrange an interview with a spokesperson, please contact: Kathleen Scott – Vice President katie@opswa.com 1.866.931.0641 ext 102

The Ontario Personal Support Worker Association – www.opswa.com – 1.866.931.0641



September 5, 2016

(Toronto, Ontario) The Disability Channel & Ontario Political Parties Come Together.

TDC is a grass roots channel by and for persons with disabilities showcasing abilities on Television.

We were honored to have been able to coordinate Ontario's four Political Parties on the same show

called 'NEWSHOUR' with anchor Jay Stoyan focusing on disability issues.

Each Party led by the Ontario Green Party and its leader Mike Schreiner, whom also conducts a monthly

segment on our platform combining disability policies and human rights issues. Joining Mike as guest on

'TDC' were Progressive Conservative 'PC' MPP Bill Walker, NDP MPP Teresa Armstrong and a statement

forwarded by Liberal MPP Tracy MacCharles (see statement to follow).

The together moment happened live on August 29th with the focus of introducing Party representatives

and disability platform policies, getting to know each individual on a personal level and talking the

future when it comes to improving the lives of persons with disabilities.

TDC was very proud being able to organize and further put 'people in motion' for the common

good...improving our disability community in their daily lives. During the episode the conversation

evolved around care-giving, budgets, awareness and so much more... https://youtu.be/GrT24QHDg2Q

We at 'TDC' feel it's important to extend this platform to our Politicians and work together as opposed

to finger pointing, blaming and one sided interviews that do not serve either side.

Watch for this important step leading to more interaction on our dial and further getting the community

involved, along with leadership and kindness from our leaders.

Please see the Ontario Liberal attachment document below;

“I'm honored to be appointed first Ministry of Accessibility. There is much more to be done. We define

an accessible Ontario as one where every individual who lives on or visits Ontario can participate in

Society. The accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities Act sets the framework for and enforcement of

accessibility standards which organizations need to follow to remove barriers for people with

disabilities. These standards are being phased in, allowing organizations time to build and budget them

into regular business planning cycles. Compliance will lead to greater accessibility. That will result in

significant economic opportunities for Ontarians from greater participation in the workforce to the

creation of a new untapped talent pool and consumer market.”

Honorable Tracy MacCharles

Minister Responsible for Women's Issues

Minister Responsible for Accessibility

Queens Park

For more information;  jay@thedisabilitychannel.ca

The Disability Channel www.thedisabilitychannel.ca



Health Talk Matters

Posted on Monday, November 21, 2016

Health Talk Matters is a talk show on The Disability Channel hosted by Ontario Personal Support Workers Association - OPSWA In this epasode the guests are from Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists #Health https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpFF5ET3yCU

The Nik Show - How TDC has changed my Autistic boy’s life

The Nik Show - How TDC has changed my Autistic boy’s life
The struggles of parenting our Autistic children are many, the heart aches are real and raw. I could add a list of comments like the above playground scenario that would fill a book. Instead I’d like to tell you how TDC and video games allowed my son to find his voice.

Read full article

Have your own television show on The Disability Channel - Veterans

Posted on Saturday, March 12, 2016

Have your own television show on The Disability Channel. Send us a 1 minute video describing your original show concept. The Veteran would host his/her own weekly half hour in studio TV show in downtown 'Toronto, Canada'

Read full article

Shining Light

Posted on Friday, January 22, 2016

Shining Light
Our disability has brought us humility and an inability to break out of the facility...facility Sitting by the door on the 2nd level floor losing my 7 year war.

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Familial Mediterranean Fever

Posted on Thursday, December 17, 2015

As Founder of TDC and a member of 1 billion plus disability club, I wanted to take this time to let people know I have found & created a preventable mechanism which impede the 'trigger' from a full blown bout of 'Familial Mediterranean Fever'.

Read full article

The Disability Channel and ABCollar Initiative

 The Disability Channel and ABCollar Initiative
The Disability Channel and AbCollar® are partnering up to introduce an innovated way to implement a Healthy Life Style Initiative for your employees and their dependents. The rising cost of medical is a concern for both the business and employees with dependents. The AbCollar can fulfill this need for a versatile physical fitness, physical therapy, ergonomic and kegel product. The whole family can be involved in the process.

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TDC The Disability Channel - Showcasing Abilities

TDC The Disability Channel - Showcasing Abilities
The disability channel is a channel that supports, educates, promotes, and employs persons with disabilities. Here at TDC we have become an information hub for the disabled and our community.

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The start of my and your yoga journey

Posted on Monday, September 21, 2015

The start of my and your yoga journey
This is a call to everyone involved with The Disability Channel and beyond. To know that yoga is for everyone, no matter how busy your life you can always find time to practice and there is always going to be a style for you. No matter What your body is like and no matter what conditions you are in Emotionally or physically.

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The Neuro Show

Posted on Friday, September 11, 2015

The Neuro Show
Coming up in September! The Neuro Show, hosted by Sarah Palmer, is a program all about brain injury and breaking the barriers and is brought to you by NeuroConnect and The Disability Network. Join us as we meet inspiring survivors and experts in rehabilitation and learn about the latest technology, research, advocacy and political news.

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TDC Close Up - Women Empowering Women

Posted on Saturday, August 08, 2015

TDC Close Up - Women Empowering Women
AUG 19th: WEWednesdays! Women Empowering Women TDC is honored to in be attendance 'Media'

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